Chris T
I have to say the guest service I received here was top notch. Plus I dropped off my bike for a deep clean and chain wax, and it is riding so smooth now. Not only great service but great craftsmanship in their work. I will definitely use them for any future cycling service! You and your bike will be in great hands here!
Jon M
Dude... these guys are great! I found them here on Yelp and took my MT bike in for some derailleur adjustment. They looked busy, but went out of their way to make a quick adjustment right there. I often don't leave reviews, mostly cause I'm lazy, but they deserve one. I do my best to support local independent business and I will be using them for all my bike service. So many local places have that pretentious bike world snobbery that I can't stand. I always wonder why anyone would be in business and vibe their customers because they know less than... that is the very reason they are coming to you right??? That doesn't happen here. Just some good ol' dudes who love riding and happy to help others to keep riding.
Robert G
I wish I could give more stars. Let me start by saying that logan is a true professional in every aspect. Best bicycle shop there is. I am a beginner rider and was looking for my first bike, I went to a couple local shops here in Simi Valley and even in Ventura & every single shop I went felt like I was getting brushed off or they didn't want to deal with me because I was a beginner rider and didn't want to deal with me. I found logan's shop on facebook and wrote to him about a bike that I was interested and he wrote back in a instant. He told me to come by his shop and check out the bikes. I stopped by his shop after work and he instantly greeted me with good customer service & answered all my questions. He was happy to help me & helped me choose my first bike. Thank you so much logan again for all your help and helping me pick my first bike and all the information you gave me to to start riding the right way :). Truly recommend him and the services his provides with out a doubt, 100 percent honest and also good prices. Thank you!
Andrew R
For 20 years, I've been going to the big volume shops for servicing needs. Not anymore! Logan and team are great. In full transparency, I was hesitant to bring my mountain bike in for service (suspension rebuild and general tuning) because it seems to be a shop geared towards road bikes. While they seem to do stellar work on road bikes, between Logan and the other guys who are maestros with MTB rigs, the team did an awesome job. Very personalized service.
Kelly S
Logan was willing to come pick up all of our 5 bikes. We brought them to his shop. Super nice guy had all 5 bikes done before the end of the day!! Logan also ordered tires for our Bob stroller! It would be a pleasure to have our bikes serviced with him any time. Well priced, fast & outstanding customer service.